A Brave New World: Data Standardization

Date: 07.07.2020 | HITC Editor

July 9th, State Healthcare IT Connect Mini-Series Webinar hosted at the State HIT Connect Virtual Mini-Series Portal!

1.30 – 2.30 PM EDT | Thursday, July 9th |

Presentation: Industry Insights: A Brave New World: Data Standardization

Vishal Chaudhry, Chief Data Officer, Clinical Quality and Care Transformation, Washington State Healthcare Authority
Amy Zimmerman, Rhode Island State HIT Coordinator, Executive Office of Health and Human Services
Diane Evenson, VP Senior Client Executive, Optum

Presentation Overview:
What COVID-19 has highlighted, and was true before the pandemic, is disconnected data is everywhere.

We’ve seen the lack of connected data result in unnecessary expense, excel maintenance, errors in data translation, and even mistakes in patient diagnosis. However, COVID-19 has also brought about innovation and the use of connected data in unique ways. This panel will discuss the benefits of a connected health care eco-system, changes they are implementing in their states, and the operational and health care delivery implications of HL7’s FHIR standard as well as other influencing factors. What are we giving up? What are we gaining? What can you do today to help move to a common standard?

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